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Welcome to Kaoru Sakurako!

Kaoru Sakurako Homepage - Tokyo fans!

You have finally made it! You have found the homepage of the most sexy playmate in the whole world! If you love big tits, tit fucking, busty asians and lots of hardcore, you have come to the right website, because Kaoru Sakurako is all that!! She will drive you crazy with her sexy body full of curves, specially her big tits with huge nipples!!

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Kaoru SakurakoKaoru Sakurako



Kaoru Sakurako is one of the most incredible, intelligent and accomplished ladies to ever appear in adult rated films. Not only does she have brains, but Kaoru Sakurako  is stunningly beautiful and wickedly seductive as well.

Born in Toky on November 22, 1982, Kaoru Sakurako was an academic star during her school-age years. She taught colloquial English at Tsuruga College in Japan at the age of 16. Quite a musical talent, as well, by the time Kaoru Sakurako was 14, she had already performed classical piano concerts at Tokyo's Hall - twice! Her success in school was never enough for her demanding parents, though, and Kaoru Sakurako ran away from home just before her 17th birthday. She was found and placed in a foster home, but she ran away again just before she left for college.


Kaoru Sakurako attended Tokyo's University on a scholarship, with a double major in Business and English. She started dancing while in school to earn some extra cash and was soon posing for nude layouts. Kaoru Sakurako's photos soon caught the eye of porn producer, who invited her out to Osaka during her 2001 Winter Break to shoot some videos. Kaoru Sakurako exploded onto the adult film scene and by 2002 she had already been named Oriental Female Performer of the Year. She dropped out of school soon after to pursue her carnal career.

Formerly an exclusive model, she is a free-agent once again. Her marriage of several years is reportedly on the rocks, but they have yet to officially file for divorce. Some of Asia Carrera's best work can be found in 'Phantasm,' 'Very Rare' and 'The South Pole 2nd' and 'New Face 101L Girl.'


Who is Kaoru Sakurako? She is a very famous busty japanese porn star.

How many movies has she made? dozens of porn and softcore movies.

When is her birthday? 22th November of 1982.

Her favorite color? Blue.

What's her height? She is 157 cm.

What are her body measurements? B:102 cm (I-Cup) W:58 cm H:88 cm

What's Kaoru's hometown? Tokyo

What are Kaoru Sakurako hobbies? Dance techno, ice-cream, playing PS2, travel and listen music.

The color of her nipples? Light brown-pink.

Does she like anal sex? She only do it with her husband.

Does she swallows cum? Like most of japanese girls, she loves the good taste of cum swallowing and has made it many movies

Tit fucking feels good? Since she was 13 that her breasts start to grow, and boys looked at her like an "experience". She did her first "tit fuck" when she was 15 years old. And have her first sexual experience with penetration when she was just 14 years old.

Does she like anal sex? She only do it with her husband.


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